WordPress Website Security

I often get asked the question: “What can I use for security for my WordPress website?”.

The answer is more complex than people initially realize. The 1st answer they are looking for is whether or not there is a WordPress plugin that can easily handle securing the website and the answer is simple; I tend to use Wordfence to lockdown WP websites. Wordfence is free but has a paid version that allows you to block countries that you are not targeting. This becomes very useful when you have a localized website like www.a-zcreations.ca. In their case the target market was Canada/USA, installing the paid version of Wordfence allowed us to reduce the attempted hacks by a large percentage. Wordfence is not the only security plugin for WP and one if its cons are that it is CPU intensive, so it is important to make sure you have the right hosting package and the right configuration so that you are not slowing down page load time while it is working.

The 2nd answer is having a properly secured template. Ecatalogs.ca has its own premium theme templates developed, that are hardened by our developers. It is less CPU intensive because its fundamental foundation is built with security in mind, keeping server resources focused and page load time low. While you may pay more for a premium theme or a customized WordPress theme the template pays for itself in peace of mind and better functionality.

The 3rd answer has to do with the security of the server you are on.  The concept is simple; if your front door is open your office is not secure.  Server updates and general hardening are key aspects of your total security.

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Jason Stadtlander