WordPress Design & Custom WordPress Websites

WordPress is the most used and most customized blogging Content Management System on planet earth. Here at BoutiqueABC.com, we have been working with the WordPress CMS for over a decade.

WordPress Core Application
WordPress Themes
WordPress Plugins
WP Themes & Templates

Assistance in the selection of a WordPress theme and Template that suits the needs of your company!

WP Child Themes

Development of an add on to an existing theme that inherits all the style and functionality from the parent theme.

WP Website Design

Adjustment of existing templates to have your “look and feel” or a customized WP website designed to spec.

WP Plugins

Research, purchase and installation of a variety of plugins to assists in SSL installation to securing your WP deployment.

WP Managed Hosting

Why worry about keeping your WP up to date when our team will backup and update both your WordPress & plugins.

WP Security

Secure your application by installing the right security plugin or having our specialists harden your WordPress application.

Building an online store with WordPress
WordPress and Ecommerce
01. WordPress WooCommerce
When it comes to eCommerce there are two types of store solutions.
Ecommerce solutions

The first is a traditional eCommerce store run on your server as a plugin, the second is a Software As A Service (SaaS) solution.

02. WP Ecomerce Plugins
When run as a plugin there are variations in the options and features each online store has.

As a general rule we believe that WooCommerce is the goto platform due to its flexibility and support, however it does usually require training.

03. Software As A Service (SaaS)
The SaaS option used is typically Shopify, which while an excellent hosted ecommerce package, is managed completely.

Although has hard limits to the changes you can make to the store, Shopify’s strong-point is that it is a little more user friendly to start with.

If you choose any of the presented solutions, we can help you build your online store.
The right choice

Speak to an account manager to find out what the right choice is for your company based on needs & budget. (514) 461-0200

Custom WordPress Websites
WordPress Customization

While originally working with our own customized CMS, our management team quickly realized the potential of an open source application on reducing the costs of development. We also knew that our skillsets of providing hosting, coding, design and training in one place provided our clients a fully integrated experience and reduced frustration for them. Many of our new clients had a WordPress site built by a designer and the explanation that WP is an application that has physical server requirements and regular updating was left out.

Our design team will help you either select a template to build your site, or design and code your own WP Theme or Child Theme. Project managers will start by wireframing your pages, then providing an enriched fully customized experience that can include content writing, photography, videography and custom graphic design or stock selection.

Retain visitors and generate leads
WordPress Search Engine Structuring

“How do I know what Templates and Plugins to use?”

Our technical team will provide the necessary consulting to help you or your internal team develop a site that has the tools and functionality you need with the plugins (micro applications) necessary for the site to perform the way you need. We can also suggest the type of WordPress Managed Hosting necessary for your site to load quickly as plugins may require additional CPU and RAM from the hosting server. When necessary new custom plugins can be developed for the website to grow with your company’s needs.

Using WordPress is easy and requires little but not no technical knowledge to use. Take a tour of WordPress today, contact us at —
514-461-0200 x 3 to schedule an appointment today.